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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Giant of the Month Club - May

So back in January, I decided I needed at least one goal-oriented system to keep me painting on a semi-regular basis. I took stock of my unpainted minis and what types of creatures were needed in the cases of gaming minis. What I needed to paint were more giants!

I've always been fond of painting giants, and we have had many a memorable battle on the gaming table that involved large numbers of giants attacking us. As the years wore on, and gaming took their toll on the poor giants, coupled with my desire to re-paint a good number of my giants, I noticed that I had more giants on the workbench and less in the gaming cases. Unacceptable!

I hit a little snag along the way, or more precisely, a snag hit me. On the right index finger. Broke it. See, I'm a football (soccer) player. Have been for over 30 years now. For the past 3+ years, I've only been playing indoor soccer at the arena 5 minutes from my house. Did I mention I'm a goalkeeper? Back to the finger. I took a shot that jammed my finger...except three weeks later, it was still swollen, although not terribly painful. When I had it checked out, the results were immediate and swift. It was broken, and it needed to be fixed ASAP. The doc put two pins into my digit, and attached a button to the bottom of my fingertip. Then he looped some thread around the tendon to keep it in place, and attached the thread to the button.

The pins and button came out about a month ago, and I have since been cleared by my physical therapist (yes, you even need PT for a broken finger) to resume playing. I'm happy to report I have two games under my belt with no problems associated with my now-repaired finger.

So back to painting! In January, I decided to start the GotMC with this little fella:
RP Frost Giant

That's Ral Partha's AD&D Frost Giant 11-436. The one I acquired did not come with the standard-issue shield, so I will paint mine sans shield, and wait to see if I can find a proper OEM shield. If not, I'll probably leave it as is.

I had only laid down the colors you see in the photo above before my unfortunate injury. I'm using Vallejo Game Colors, and went with Hexed Lichen as my skin base and followed up with Ice Blue, and plan to lighten it up with whites from there, as an experiment to see if his skin turns out the way I have envisioned it. Now I have the rest of the month to finish him, so look for pics of the finished product in just under a month from now.

Wish me luck!

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