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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today's Rant: "Pro Painted"

Am I the only one who rolls his eyes whenever I see yet another eBay listing for miniatures that are allegedly "Master Painted" and/or "Pro Painted"???

Look, I'm willing to cut the sellers who don't know anything about minis a little slack - from their view, anyone who can paint something that small must be a pro, right? Not everyone has a steady enough hand and decent enough brush control to paint the eyes and other fine details on the typical 25/28mm figure.

But enough already! There are way too many people selling their minis that are tabletop quality AT BEST (and sometimes quite worse) who tout their work as Pro. To be quite honest, I've never paid a premium for a miniature because it was painted by someone else. That's not to say I wouldn't enjoy displaying a truly Pro Painted mini by Jen Haley or Derek Schubert, etc. but I buy minis that I am going to paint.

Time to ratchet the egos down a notch, people.

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny.
I remember way BITD when I was the only semi-competent painter in my circle of friends (all of us 10-13 years old), one kid told me he had a figure that was "professionally" painted and when he showed it to me, it was obviously a crummy paint job he'd done, but hoped that be calling it a pro job it would make us say it was good...