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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zombies ate my Tiger!

I stopped by American Eagles today in search of some blue spray paint that is reasonably close to Ultramarine Blue so my son can finally paint his Whirlwind. I settled on a small can of Tamiya Brilliant Blue (TS-44) and some Testors Dullcote to kill the glossy finish.

But even before I arrived at the shop, I knew I was going to make a purchase for myself. I think it must be the Flames of War talk over on Dave Taylor Miniatures that got me going, and I knew I needed some 1/72 armor to satisfy my craving. I was hoping to get a Pzkfw III or IV and possibly a T-34, but the Mk.III and IV kits were around $20 and the only Russian armor was a KV-I, also around $20. I finally settled on a Fujimi 1/76 Tiger I, and since it is a late war variant, I will prepare it for service on the Eastern front.

So while I was working on Mr. Tiger, I was also putting together some GW zombies for my son. And I gotta say, I like these models! The first one has a bunch of exposed guts, and is using a leg for a club - heh. The next one is armed with a polearm. They both have neat heads - very expressive - and I wish I was going to be painting them instead of my boy! Since all the parts are mix and match, it's not hard to give each one a bit of personality. Legs for weapons, heads lolling to the side, guts for all to see - if you are into the slightly campy zombie look and need some zombies for your game (any game), I'd look into this set (GW Vampire Counts Zombie Regiment).

And just because I'm a lead whore, I picked up two packs of RP 35mm metal bases (99-114) that were 50% off. Seems the folks at Eagles are in the midst of a long-overdue inventory, and there was a bunch of lead marked down by half. I should be able to use these for ogres/trolls/demons, etc. and at the bargain price of 8 for $4.50, what the hell.

I'll get some WIP pics posted soon.

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