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Friday, June 24, 2011

Diver Down - Roger Levesque goal celebration

In tonight's 4-2 Sounders victory over the NY Red Bulls, fan favorite Roger Levesque came on as a second half sub and scored the game winner on a header, and then added the insurance goal when NY keeper Greg Sutton misplayed a passback with his feet.

Roger has a sense of humor, as evidenced in his goal celebration after his second goal. You can skip ahead to 1:39:34 on's match replay, and you'll see what I mean - Levesque sits on the ad boards, and holds his nose and topples over backwards like a scuba diver entering the water off the stern of a boat. Good times!

No, this has nothing to do with miniatures and everything to do with my love for soccer, the Sounders, and players who don't dive/act/embellish or otherwise behave like assclowns. The icing on the cake? My indoor team won 6-1 and I went out for beers after the game with the lads.

Now if the US can beat Mexico in the Gold Cup final on Saturday, my futbol week will be complete.

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