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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fantasy Modeling magazine & other recent additions

Fantasy Modeling magazine was first published in the fall of 1980 by Fantasy Modeling Inc. and lasted just six issues. I'm pretty sure I saw ads for them in old issues of the Dragon magazine back in the day, and it was one of those things that caught my eye in a "gee I'd love to have a look at that!" sort of way. It appeared that all my favorite things were covered - miniatures, models, dioramas, and kitbashing - what's not to love about FM?

Fast-forward to today, where I finally have the first three issues in my hands! They are excellent reads, and chock full of pictures and ads too. The interview in Issue #3 with Tom Loback of DragonTooth Miniatures is great - Tom talks about his sculpting techniques, the miniatures industry, and even looks into the future when asked "What about the possibility of plastic figures?" Good stuff.

You can read the first four issues in PDF form over at Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine. I have the PDFs (thanks Roebeast!), but I'm also a sucker for print copies, so that's why I snagged these three issues when I had the chance.

I also picked up some blue label Reaper miniatures. Four of them are mouslings (1371 Mousling Priest, 1376 Mousling Musketeer, 1277 Mousling Wench, and 1378 Mousling Mom), who must be the inspiration behind the current generation of Reaper Mouslings. So now I have some blue label Reaper minis to go along with my lone red label (baggied) mini, 1223 Hell Hound.

And finally, I added three new giants to the family! Two are from Grenadier's Fantasy Lords line (second series), the Titan (009) and the Battle Troll (062). The Titan set me back $2.02, and the Battle Troll was $1.25 - giants on the cheap, what could be better? The third giant was $12.99, but she's a shiny and pretty Reaper sculpt by Derek Schubert: 3431 Frost Giant Princess from the Dark Heaven Legends line.

Grenadier Fantasy Lords 009 Titan

Grenadier Fantasy Lords 062 Battle Troll

Reaper DHL 3431 Frost Giant Princess

I found it interesting she is cast in three pieces, with the bulk of her body and the front of her hair one piece, and the back of her hair and her fur cloak and right arm the other. The third piece is her massive spear, held by her left hand. Looking forward to adding all three to the finished pile this year.


Unknown said...

That troll looks pretty wicked.

Mike Monaco said...

I have a similar battle troll but with an open-faced helm and a large two-handed sword (separate casting). Not sure which came first.

TopKat said...

Mike, I think you are talking about this guy:

Not sure which came first either, but now I need that one too!

cameosis said...

noooooooooo, you found the other version ... damn, congratulations, at such a low price even!

been looking for this one for a few years. both sculpted by william watt.