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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Armory's Big Old Book of Lead Goodness

I went to the mailbox today to fetch my copy of The Armory's Buyers Guide to Fantasy Miniatures that had finally arrived. There's always that moment of dread right as I was opening the envelope - perhaps you know the feeling I speak of - Will it be trashed? Smell like an ashtray? Not nearly in the condition as described by the seller? Or even worse, just a couple of old Highlights magazines stuffed in there as a cruel eff you...

 Ah, but my unveiling was a happy one! The book is in great shape, there's not a hint of any strange odors, and the interior is more or less pristine, with just a few light pencil marks in the Ral Partha section that I've noticed so far. My $41 purchase was worth it, now that it's here in front of me and the condition actually meets and exceeds my expectations.

Now I know the Buyers Guide is readily available in PDF form from several locations such as and, so some might ask "Why spend money on something that is available for free?" Because I still love printed matter! I might use the PDF version more, because that of course does not wear out. But there is just something cool about holding this lead bible in my hands, gently turning the pages and enjoying all of the illustrations contained within. Mike Monaco has a nice entry about it over on Swords & Dorkery, so check that out too.

I'll have to do a follow-up post to this one, because I'm sure I'll find a few pics and items that catch my eye. I also have a few more posts coming soon, including the long-delayed next installment of the Lead Market Report. But first, back to the real work at hand - I'm almost ready to email in my article for volume II of the OSFMapa Journal! I'm just fiddling with the layout, trying to make it perfect to my eyes and hopefully to my fellow members as well.


SGR said...

It was Y O U !!

Ah, at least it went to a good home. lousy dollar....


TopKat said...

Yeah, it was me. I used to think snipers were way down at the bottom of the evolutionary charts - until I decided to become one! I have found it's the best and most cost-effective way to get what I want. I hate bidding my max and losing out by a lousy dollar, so I feel your pain.