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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grenadier's Selene, Guardian of the Sanctuary

I've been working on another installment of the Lead Market Report (LMR), and couldn't help but notice that one of the large-scale Grenadier Colossal Lords sets recently sold for a whopping $171.50! It struck me as unusual because they typically sell anywhere from around $10 to $30, give or take a few dollars.

The set in question is Selene, Guardian of the Sanctuary. She is the only figure from the Amazon Realms subset (the other two being the Museum Scale Models and Master Wizards sets), and was sculpted by Janine Bennett. Box contents can be seen in this LMW photo. I can only guess this particular kit was not produced in the same numbers are the rest, hence the rather high price?

After studying the LMW, I noticed that the pic in the eBay listing above does not show the hands or sword. Does that mean someone paid almost $200 for an incomplete kit??? If you bought this set and it was actually complete, please leave a comment.

The large-scale sets from the big G are really quite nice, at least in my opinion. I own a few, and I'm always on the lookout for more (at the right price, naturally). What I'd really like to see are some of these kits all put together and painted up. Anyone have some painted examples they'd like to share? Or know of a link to any galleries that show some?

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SGR said...

Which Grenadier large-scale sets are you looking for?
You have some nice tradebait.