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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Circushammer 40K

Family Circus Cartoon for Oct/31/2012

OK, this is something I would not have predicted: the melding of a pure, wholesome family comic and the grim darkness of future. Give that boy a power sword and a melta gun.

Happy Halloween!


Unknown said...

3 weeks since your last post? WTF? Are you busy brokering a truce in Gaza? Cooking record setting amounts of food for Thanksgiving? Doing a lot of auditions for your high fantasy, B-movie acting career?
Get on da stick man!

TopKat said...

I tried to smooth things over in Gaza, but I'm afraid my old-school Gunboat Diplomacy methods are sorely outdated. I'll work on that, right after I update TLD. Thanks for the not-so-subtle reminder. Jackass. Is it the 28th yet?