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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whisper & Venom - For The Greater Good of Lesser Gnome Games!

 While I sit here rubbing my hands together and cackling in anticipation (yes, I am waiting for my Demons & Devils package from the successful Center Stage Miniatures Kickstarter), I thought I would share another cool Kickstarter project in case you are interested:

Whisper & Venom - a nifty boxed set that contains an adventure and setting, dice, and (you saw this one coming) miniatures! Lesser Gnome Games is run by Zach, an Acaeum member and fan of old-school gaming. There's Jeff Dee artwork, and did I already mention miniatures??? It looks like Zach has poured a LOT of work into W&V, so if it looks like your cup of tea, why don't you join? The project is fully funded at this point, so now we just need some more folks to jump on board an unlock stretch goals!

Thanks for indulging me in spreading the word for Whisper & Venom. I'll be back soon with a new Lead Market Report, and some WIPs of various projects and perhaps some pics of a few recent fun finds.

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