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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hrugnir and Cumulus

Earlier today, an auction ended with a final price of $224.50. Included in the lot were a pair of DragonTooth giants and a much smaller troll or ogre that looks like it could have been from Minot, Minifigs, Essex, or something along those lines.

The DT giants were two that I would consider rare, and they would be Hrugnir and Cumulus The Storm Giant. Cumulus looks like a truly massive hunk of lead, and I'm wondering if his wooden lightning bolt is OEM or did someone else fashion a wooden replacement? I guess I should ask over on the DT Yahoo! group.

The last time I saw a copy of Hrugnir, it was just over a year ago and it sold for $120, so it looks like both of these giants command $100+ when they hit the market. I threw in a last-second bid but it was like trying to attack a polar bear with a pocket knife - futile.

So congrats to the new owner! I hope they have found a place of honor in your collection.

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