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Friday, March 14, 2014

Reaper Paint Caddy 1, Vallejo Paints 0

I've slowly but surely been organizing my workbench this year, finding clear storage boxes for my tools and supplies, and generally trying to reign in the wicked beast that is hobby desk clutter. To that end, one final push was to do something about all my paints. I have mostly Vallejo and Citadel, for what it is worth.

My solution? Hey, that Reaper Paint Caddy looks just about perfect for my Vallejo paints! So I went ahead and picked one up recently. It arrived, and after sitting around for a day or two, I got around to filling it up with my paints. Notice above how I called it "just about perfect" for Vallejo paints? Bugger. It is close. It is almost. It is just about. It is not quite. Vallejo paints are TOO FREAKING TALL for the Reaper Paint Caddy!!! By a matter of a couple of millimeters.

It is a good-looking box overall. My only complaint (other than the fracking height!) is that some of the inner walls are slightly warped - kind of wavy-looking - but nothing serious.

Oh well, I'll keep it anyway. It can sit on my desk, almost closed. My paints are now organized and stored, just not exactly how I envisioned it. I suppose I could always buy a bunch of Reaper paints...

Anyone know of any sturdy, clear storage solutions for Vallejo paints?


Peter V. Dell'Orto said...

Ah, that sucks. A few mm is rough. I don't have a solution for you, though - I have a spinning rack for my craft paints and keep my Vallejo, Reaper, etc. paints in a drawer at my painting desk.

TopKat said...

Thanks for posting, Peter. I'll probably end up buying a spinning rack as well. I really like some of the new organizers from Progressive Engineering and HobbyZone, although some of them can be rather pricey.