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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Unreleased TSR Female Fighter by David C. Sutherland III

In my previous post, I was able to share pictures of an unreleased TSR Draconian, sculpted by David C. Sutherland III. This time around I have pictures of another unreleased TSR miniature, a female fighter also sculpted by Mr. Sutherland. One of these little beauties recently sold for $380 on eBay. The one shown below is not that particular mini, but it was also obtained from The Collector's Trove.

The eBay listing for the female fighter claims that only two dozen copies of this miniature were cast. I don't know where that information originated from, but it seems reasonable for a test casting. The listing also suggests it could be an elf female fighter, but I don't see any pointy ears.

Huge thanks once again to my fellow Acaeum collector Brian Beholder for providing these pictures. It is my personal belief that collectors need to catalog and share their treasures, if for no other reason than to ensure that these miniature labors of love aren't lost and their origins forgotten.

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