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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last post I mentioned I would try to add some WIP shots. I think I need to snap some pics this week of my various unfinished projects, if only to serve as reminders of stuff that needs to be finished! Here's a pic of my drow warband I'm working on:

Reaper Drow War Band

Since this shot, they have been primed and I am working on their skin. I'm going for a more traditional black skin tone, as opposed to some of the really nice dark brown schemes some painters use.

And it looks like the end is near for at least one of my Giant of the Month Club giants! It's a miracle...

My DA scout squad has grown from seven to ten members with the recent additions of two scouts with bolt guns and Sgt. Namaan. If I can keep hammering away here and there, I might actually get a bunch of minis completed in September.


Ned said...

About frickin' time on the giant...
We're gonna need a bigger boat for all the drow too.

TopKat said...

How about a flying boat for the drow? The downside of finishing the drow and giants is that you will inevitably use them against us one of these days ;)

Got a couple other critters that should come in handy as well.