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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a pinball wizard...

Well OK, not really. But I still think pinball games are a good way to kill some time and quarters. We were vacationing in Seaside, OR last month and my boys wanted to play some games in the Funland Arcade so of course I said yes.

They played a racing game, a motorcycle sim (the tilting bike was a bit too much for them I think), and a couple others. And then they saw the row of shiny, happy pinball machines! My eldest son (8) glued himself to The Lord of the Rings, and my younger son (6) took a liking to Pirates of the Caribbean. I was pleased that they thought it was fun - you know, a game with a moving ball, buttons that you must press at just the right time to hit the aforementioned ball - because it is such a departure from Nintendo DS, console games, and computer games.

Seeing their faces conjured up memories of my own time spent playing various pinball and arcade games as a kid. Granted, I was never a pinball expert, but when the mood struck me, I was always up for a game.

I'm pretty sure I would have earned better grades in college (UW - go Huskies!) had I spent less time gaming in the Space Port arcade on The Ave. But that would have meant less time spent playing Donkey King, Afterburner, Star Wars, Zaxxon, and Crossbow. But come on, did anyone really expect me to actually study when I had an hour or so to kill during the day? Good times, indeed.

So I hope my kids continue the family tradition of playing games, if only to keep them young at heart.


VGNtertainment said...

Nice article. Who would have thought pinball would be such a successful arcade game? Well, I used to love that game too and I hope my kids(if i ever have any)turn out to be gamers!
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Ned said...

All I remember about Crossbow were the hilarious voice overs.... "You will DIE!", "Hurt you"

TopKat said...

Thanks VGN. I'll check out your blog, since I'm still interested in all things relating to console/handheld/PC games (I was in the biz for almost 20 years before my current gig).

Ned, "Hurt you!" is one of my etched-in-stone college memories along with my dumpy apartment behind the Blue Moon, roadying for The Suds, sweet & sour chicken at The Wok In, and sleeping in the undergraduate library.