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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ral Partha Molydeus - The Gold Standard?

$228.28 USD - that was the final price on a MOC Ral Partha Molydeus (11-652) that sold on eBay today. Quite impressive for a single miniature, no? For comparison, I sold one a year ago for $150, and that was for a model that was assembled but never primed or painted. Here's a pic of that one for those of you unfamiliar with this particular mini (the small fella on the right is a human-sized figure for comparison).

Now I know there are some incredibly rare miniatures out there such as The Citadel Giant, but for the most part, those seem to be rare due to limited production runs or only available via mail-in offers, things of that nature. The RP Molydeus is part of a mass-produced and widely circulated product line. Or is it??? You can always find plenty of loose and carded models from the 11-series on eBay at any given time, but
good luck finding Molydeus.

Did he suffer from poor sales when initially released, and as a result, was there a big pile of them that got melted down when RP lost the TSR/D&D rights? Or did this particular mini actually have a limited production run? I'm not an expert on RP corporate lore so I couldn't begin to tell you the particulars the the 11-series. Maybe someone out there is, or knows where to find such info...

Just think, 10+ years ago you could have ponied up $9-10 per Molydeus, and turned around to sell them for $200+ today. Or picked up a couple of D&D Woodgrains...oh never mind. Where's the DeLorean when you need it?

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