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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lead Market Report - February 2011

Since March is all but over, it's time for me to crank out February's LMR.

Archive: Kicking it old school! A succubus for $36.55 and a bugbear for $45.00 shows that old lead can show sellers the money. Just don't ask me why a bear with a pumpkin head is called a bugbear, though.

Citadel: The AD&D series continues to do well, especially the monster minis. A trio of Mind Flayers went for $43.35 - no one is going to mistake these bad boys for Grenadier's sculpt (you know the one - he's doing The Robot, for crying out loud!) And just because I love Citadel C28 giants, here's Ninefingers for $20.72.

Dark Horse: Heroes in a half-shell - Turtle Power! Turtle Power is a 75mm Leonardo going for a cool $46.50 in this case. This four-pack of Groo minis topped the century mark at $106.07. TMNT and Groo usually do quite well.

Grenadier: $97.75 is what it took to secure the Battle Giant in shrink-wrapped goodness. I don't see this one too often, so this price isn't too shocking, really. Perhaps even more rare is the Goblin War Giant that sold for $99.99. No packaging, but apparently complete - many that show up are usually incomplete in one form or another.

One of the lesser known Grenadier lines is the Fantastic Females of an Ancient World. For some reason, Princess Achmiri has been showing up here and there recently. This example went for $9.50, which seems like a bargain to me. More examples to follow in the March LMR.

Leading Edge Games: Yeah, but it's a dry heat, Sarge. The Aliens sets always seem to command respectable numbers, like this $51.99 set. I would love to paint up a set of Colonial Marines for my friends, with this set going for $44.35.

Ral Partha: Someone picked up a complete Menzoberranzan set for a paltry $22. I say paltry because someone paid $32.53 just for the Drizzt mini from the same set! Huma's Silver Dragon went for $51.00 while his evil counterpart The Red Dragon of Krynn went for just under half of Huma's price at $24.50.

West End Games: I really thought these Imperial Speeder Bikes would have gone for more than $15.50 but hey, what do I know?

Stay tuned for the March report, where I continue to track Princess Achmiri and other notable bargains and wallet-busters.

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