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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Lead Market Report - Special February Games Workshop Edition

Last month, a collector in Israel sold off a ton of unreleased and super-rare Games Workshop minis, mainly Chaos Dwarfs. I don't know what this person paid to amass this particular collection, but the end prices were downright spectacular!

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? This Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut went for almost $1,045.00 USD!!! Look, I know collectors are insane (takes one to know one), but GW collectors are a breed apart.

I'll just list the rest, noting that I'm only listing those auctions that ended in the $100+ range. There were quite a few other lots in the $50+ range, but I didn't bother listing those. Here we go:

Chaos Dwarf Siege Cannon $490 (Ass Cannon? LOL!)
Chaos Dwarf on Pony $202
40K Squat Exo Armour $289
40K Squat Champion A $167
40K Squat Champion B $167
40K Squat Cyberslayer $167
40K Squat $130
Dark Elf Malekith on foot $128
Dark Elf Witch $104
Vampire Counts Lahmian Vampire $103

That adds up to a cool $2,992.00 USD, plus whatever else he earned on all the sub-$100 listings. Truly a sweet, sweet chunk of change. I hope the cash makes up for any seller's remorse he may be experiencing at this point in time.


Ned said...

Sheesh! Did you resist the temptation or did you drop a couple of crisp Benjamins on some new lead?!?

TopKat said...

Sorry kids, daddy spent your college funds on a Juggernaut and Ass Cannon...thankfully I'm not into rare GW minis. I'll spend my lead funds on stuff that doesn't require me to bring armed guards to the gaming table ;)