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Monday, July 25, 2011

Be Prepared, the Derek Schubert way

"Be Prepared" is, of course, the motto for the Boy Scouts of America. I was a Cub Scout, Webelo, and Boy Scout back in the day. I finished my time in Scouts as a Life Scout, one merit badge and one community service project short of Eagle Scout. Painfully close, but that's how thing panned out.

I had a great time in Scouts, right up until the end. After our troop's long-time Scoutmaster (a truly wonderful man) stepped down, the new one took over. He was a dour, taciturn, no-nonsense sort of fellow. One night he pulled me aside and told me in so many words that he thought I was having too much fun, and not taking my role as a member of the Leadership Corps seriously. WTF? I thought you were supposed to have fun in Scouts...anyhow, I strenuously objected and quit on the spot. My brother Mikey, who came over to see what was going on, quit as well. So the troop lost two leaders, two experienced Scouts, two guys who liked to have fun, two brothers who did indeed take Scouting seriously.

Mikey went on to earn his Eagle Scout rank. I think I was too shaken by the events that transpired, and lost my heart to continue in my new troop. For me, it just wasn't the same feeling. Still, I look back on all the campouts, the hikes, the adventures, the friendships, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Anyhow, when I came across this project by Derek Schubert on the Reaper forums, it made me smile. Derek is truly a master artist and craftsman, as well as a good egg. He will post constructive criticism and feedback that is actually helpful to painters of all skill levels.

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