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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cutter & Leetah in 90mm

I must admit, I'm not an Elfquest fan by any stretch of the imagination. But as I pursue my collection of Superior Models minis, I find myself investigating some of the subjects that comprise both the 25mm and 90mm product lines. Elfquest, of course, is a long-running and well-regarded fantasy world, as are the creators, Wendy and Richard Pini.

For several years now, Elfquest collectors have thwarted my efforts to acquire this pair of beautiful Ron Spicer sculpts. I was finally able to snag this set because they were not labeled properly in the auction I won, which was great for me as I picked them up for a lot less than they typically sell for (usually in the $20-30+ range, if not higher).

After removing the old paint (not a bad job, just kind of old and glossy), the picture above shows Cutter and Leetah in all their 90mm glory. They top out at just under 3" tall (70mm), still on the short side compared to human-sized 90mm minis. I love the detail and expression captured by Spicer in these sculpts. For comparison, the 25mm Wizards & Lizards versions of Cutter and Leetah are just under 1" tall. I should post a side-by-side comparison picture. The minis are almost identical, save that the 25mm Cutter has a bow slung across his back.

I'll be posting more of Superior's 90mm Fantasy line in the future so you can enjoy Conan, John Carter, King Arthur, and Lord of the Rings personalities in 90mm.

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Mugu said...

Hello, sorry to leave a comment on such an old post, but I've only recently stumbled accross Superior Models. What's the best way you've found to go about finding models from the fantasy range (not to mention that wonderful Cutter and Leetah models you scored)?
Thank you,