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Monday, March 12, 2012

Look at the Reaper Bones!

Thanks to a post on scottz's blog, I am now in the loop on Reaper's new Bones line of ready-to-paint (and if your heart so desires, modify) miniatures. Check out the video and first wave of minis over on the Reaper site. The prices are dirt cheap for minis, and I'll have to reserve judgement on quality until I've had the chance to hack apart and paint a couple.

Scott also notes that there is a new Lone Ranger movie in the works, with Johnny Depp as Tonto. Looks promising, so we'll have to see how this iteration looks when it hits the theaters. I'm glad Scott is on the ball, because I'm dragging today.

When I get around to actually posting some new stuff, I owe you guys a new LMR, some pics of recently painted giants, and a session recap from our weekend romp in Faerun. Until then, stay frosty, people.

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scottsz said...

Thanks for the linkage, sir.

The new Reaper minis open up an interesting solution: they're cheap enough and ready to paint... ideal for those that have been on the fence about using a painting service!