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Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Additions to the Lead Pile

Before I get cracking on the next Lead Market Report, I thought I'd post a few pics of some recent additions to the lead family. Let's get things started by welcoming the newest member of my Giant family:

Time to slice & dice, frost-giant style.

This is Grenadier's Armored Norse Giant, #175 from Fantasy Lords (First Series). I dig his armor and bear-head helm/cloak look. I've never been crazy about his pose, although I like the fact he's about to go dual-wield on some poor adventurer.

These next two brutes came in the same lot as the giant, and they were slathered in thick coats of gooey enamel paint before they hit the Super Clean bath & spa. Now you can see them as they were sculpted! They are from Garrison's Sword&Sorcery line, and are known as SS6 Frost Giant with Mace and SS16 Two-Headed Troll Giant:

On second thought, let's NOT go after Conan.

According to the LMW, the Sword&Sorcery line represents Robert E. Howard's world of Conan. I think it's interesting that the giants are really just larger than average men - these two minis are only slightly taller than your average 25mm adventurer. Very cool old-school pieces, indeed. I'll be selling or trading them, as they are not something I collect.

Switching gears, we go to the far future where this is only war and large, stompy walking tanks. I picked up these next two pieces for the princely sum of $2.22:

Staring down the business end of an old-school combi-weapon.

They went that-a-way!

The first mini is an Inquisitor Terminator, circa 1991. The Citadel catalog calls him a Daemon Hunter with a combi-weapon arm and a force rod arm. I picked him up because I think he's a good fit in my Dark Angels army, even though he should probably be in the ranks of a Grey Knights army. Very ornate and gothic-looking iconography.

The second mini is unknown to me. He sure looks like a member of Ral Partha's Battletech line, but his base is devoid of any hallmarks and I haven't found his picture in any RP catalog or online database. If you know what it is and who makes it, please feel free to enlighten me.

Finally, I picked up a trio of siege equipment. They are from Warhammer Fantasy, and include a wheeled & covered battering ram, a catapult with a hand-shaped boulder holder (I don't know what the technical term for that part of a catapult is).

We're gonna huff and puff and batter your walls down.

And the wee little tower in the middle? The one with a pair of cannons and bristling with spikes? I thought I recognized it from a past LMR...yes, here it is. February 2011. It sure looks like the Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut, doesn't it? I'll take some more pics and give it a post of its own.

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