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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reaper's P-65 Frost Wyrm - Some Assembly Required...

I took advantage of the holiday clearance sale over at FRP Games and picked up almost $90 worth of minis for only $30 including shipping. My order consisted of Reaper's Stone Lurker (roper), Vulture Demon (vrock), and a P-65 Frost Wyrm (remorhaz). Oh, I also bought my first Star Wars 30mm mini by Knight Models - Count Dooku. I paid roughly $4.35 for the roper, $6.23 for the vrock, and $10.50 for the remorhaz, which retails for $35. Count Dooku was a steal at $2.50!

They arrived yesterday, and I had a chance to open the package this morning. Everything looks great, but I just had to open up the frost wyrm. It's heavy (8.6 ounces) and consists of 22 pieces! There's the lower body (base), torso/neck/lower jaw, armor plates (behind the head), head/beak, frill x2, tail, legs/claws x 7, spines x7, and right mandible (the left mandible is molded in place).

Here's a picture of all the parts. Lots of nasty, pointy spines and claws! I'm still planning on an assembly write-up as well to see how everything comes together.

Now I just need to get the Ral Partha and Center Stage versions, and I'll have a killer trio for my DM to play with.

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