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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How To Kill A Wight King

 It's NOT good to be king...

Our current foster dog, a sweet pit bull by the name of Chuckles, has managed to undo hours of my son's painstaking work in a matter of seconds. He chewed up what was probably Mr. Frodo's best work to date today, a Warhammer Vampire Counts Wight King. I was almost sick to my stomach when I realized what Chuckles had in his mouth. Well, time to head to Ernie's and see if they have another one in stock. Bad dog, Chuckles. Bad dog.

UPDATE (3/21/13): Frodo has painted up his new Wight King, and here are the results:

He basically painted it the same as the original one, but spent a little more time on details and highlights. He's especially proud of the old, dirty cloak, the face, and the highlights on the armor. Chuckles just went to his new forever home, so all of our miniatures are once again safe from his unrelenting maw of canine doom.

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