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Monday, February 11, 2013

More New Old Dragons

 Superior Models FA-49

 Superior Models WL-137 (?)

Superior Models FA-36

I was fortunate enough to pick up a new batch of old dragons recently. The lot in question caught my eye because it was heavy on Superior dragons, two of which I already have and two that are new to my collection. And then there was the dragon second from the right on the listing picture that sure looked like a Dragontooth D79 Large Dragon, but I wasn't 100% sure. Turns out I am now 100% sure. And for good measure there was a Grenadier Brass Dragon (2504 or 9303), as well as a sculpt that could possibly be a Minifigs Large Dragon from Auroela Rococo (it is stamped ARM 1 on the bottom, far right on the listing picture).

 Dragontooth D79 Large Dragon

What I really was after was largest beast in the lot (second from left in the listing pic) that is FA-49 Tiamat, The Dragon. There were also two copies of FA-36 Puff the Dragon, and one I believe to be WL-137 Dragon with Crystal Ball on Treasure (even though it's sitting on a rock and not so much a treasure pile).

Minifigs Large Dragon (?) ARM-1

I'll have to snap some pics this week, but needless to say I am happy to have some cool new old dragons in hand and for only $10 each!

Grenadier Brass Dragon

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