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Friday, January 24, 2014

So Hrugnir, Big Meg, and Cumulus walk in to a bar...

I could have also titled this post "Third Time's A Charm" as I missed out on adding Hrugnir the two previous occasions I have seen him up for auction. This time, fate & fortune have smiled upon me and I am now the proud owner of my very own Hrugnir! It always helps when the auction doesn't specifically mention relevant details like "DragonTooth" or "Hrugnir" anywhere in the listing, and the auction title is "Vintage Dungeons and Dragons Metal Figure, HUGE Giant" or something similarly generic and non-specific.

Last time Hrugnir surfaced, he was paired with Cumulus and they sold for $224.50. Just the kind of auction I look for, but it was too pricey for my budget. And before that, this Hrugnir sold for $119.50. Just the figure I was looking for, but once again, too rich for my blood. Don't get me wrong, $55.26 is still a LOT of money for a single miniature, but I'm quite pleased that my Hrugnir only cost me about half the going rate.

Well, time to send Hrugnir off to his much-needed bath in paint stripper. While he soaks, I will ponder things like basing options and potential paint schemes. He and Big Meg (still languishing on my bench) both deserve the royal treatment, much like my GI5 Horned Hill Giant project.

For those of you curious about Hrugnir's dimensions, I must say that he is truly a big-ass hunk of lead goodness. He tips the scales at a whopping 1 pound 11 ounces (760g)! He stands 3.25" tall, 2.75" wide, and 1.5" deep. His base is 2.25" wide by 1" deep.


David Wood said...

What a great find!

Anonymous said...

Hi, glad you like Hrugnir. I'm the noob that posted and sold him. I looked forever trying to find another one that sold but with no markings nor recollection of what it was when I picked it up 30+ years ago I was flying blind. I thought at least if I was under price other bidders would run it up to going rates. Oh well, pretty much quadruple what I paid for him and 2 lbs less to move around! Glad I could pass it on to someone that obviously appreciates it! After seeing your post here I redid most of my posting with correct names and much better informed. Thanks for buying and check my other auctions, I have a couple more DragonTooth, Superior Models, Grenadier, Castle Creations, and Ral Partha postings.
PS; If anyone is interested, all of my collection came from the "Green Dragon" store in Charleston SC back in the 70s-80s. Enjoy!

TopKat said...

@DM of Old: Thanks for providing the background info - I too recall where most of my older minis came from, a list of long-defunct stores back when the hobby was in full force. When I know where a particular mini came from, it just adds a bit more to the overall character of it.

Some of the other items you have up now are very cool, like the DT Eagle & Rider. Glad to see there's a bid on it to get things going, so good luck with that.