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Monday, February 22, 2016

Wee Warriors? Star Trek Miniatures

I recently picked up a small lot (19 minis) of what appear to be 25mm Star Trek miniatures. They were listed as Heritage on eBay, but upon closer inspection, I don't think they are. Or at least they are not part of the Star Trek line released by Heritage. There are no base markings on any of these minis, and while there are similarities, there are also subtle differences that make me think they are not Heritage. Namely, the phasers and lack of Starfleet uniform crest.

If you look at the various Star Trek minis on the Lost Minis Wiki, they don't match up with any Citadel or FASA minis. And I could not find any pictures of the 25mm Wee Warriors line, so I don't have any reference there. Take a look and let me know what you think.

UPDATE (2/25/16): I went back and took another look at each miniature, and what I discovered was that there are 12 different poses total. 6 human poses, and 6 alien poses. This would be consistent with the Wee Warriors entry on the LMW, which lists 2 sets of 6 miniatures each - Landing Party and Alien Set. So it appears I have 2 sets of Landing Party, and 1 set of Aliens, with an extra female Romulan for a total of 19 minis. Of course, I still don't have have any photographic evidence to back me up, so it's still just a theory at this point, although a better than average one in my opinion.

Kirk, Spock, Uhuru
More redshirts?
Looks Andorian to me.
I'd say Gorn, but the snout is rather long.


grodog said...

Curious stuff, Tom. Definitely interested to see what you turn up, info-wise!


Springinsfeld said...

The faces of the crew members remind me of Hinchliffe elves and female civilians sculpted by Peter Gilder....but at the same time I though "they could be Minot figures". Either way they are very nice and characterful.

TopKat said...

@Grodog: Hi Allan, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, always a pleasure.

@Springinsfeld: Thanks for the keen observations. I looked at Gilder's Martian Science Fiction and Minot's The Perils of Flasher, and they do have certain features in common. I also looked at Scruby and Stan Johansen and other old-school brands, but still no luck. Hopefully someone recognizes them!

David Wood said...

I wonder if they could be Wee Warriors? Never seen the actual sculpts (these are very Minot like I agree). Lost Minis have a listing;

TopKat said...

@David: Hi David, yeah, I saw that listing too, but it wasn't until I went back and took a closer look at each sculpt that makes me now lean towards them being Wee Warriors. I changed the post title and added an update that clarifies my position. Thanks as always for your input!

grodog said...

Pete Kerestan (sp?) from WW is in touch with Mike and Doug of the NTX convention (they reprinted several WW books over the years), and he should be able to confirm/deny based on your pics, I imagine.


David Wood said...

That would be great if he could get any info. I've never found anything on them over the years.

Erik MORNES said...

Ha, ha! So you're the one who bought this set. I was trying to bid on it too, but I did also buy another lot of the same type of figures (no different figures/poses). I've been trying to identify them myself, so I'm happy I found your post. I did previously buy one lot of Citadel miniatures, which included one of the Romulan soldiers. The appearance of these other figures just deepened the mystery for me.