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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

British Grenadier #14

I picked up a copy of Grenadier's British Grenadier magazine. Not sure if magazine is quite the right word, as it is a bit more akin to a bulletin or newsletter at 16 pages cover to cover, but you get the picture. This is Edition 14, and is labeled International Edition. I assume that is because it originated from Grenadier Models UK Ltd. Here are the front and back cover scans:

Edition 14 seems to be a marketing platform for Grenadier, Mayfair Games, and Iron Crown Enterprises, and is pretty sparse on any actual content. I figure when you feature King Arthur on the cover then you will feature the King Arthur boxed set somewhere inside. But oddly enough, the only mention is a small blurb on page 6 under the News heading. That's it! No pics of the boxed set, no pics of the miniatures, painted or unpainted. Seems to be an odd way to promote your product.

There's a great full-color photo of two Grenadier armies facing each other down on the gaming table, a mixed band of orcs, trolls, ogres along with a Goblin War Giant facing down a mostly dwarf army. The article with the picture mentions mass-battle fantasy wargaming somewhat generically, as well as speed painting, but does not specifically mention the Fantasy Warriors rules, so I can only assume this publication predates 1990, when the FW rules were released. There was no date listed in the masthead, and one ad (Family Business from Mayfair Games) states it is "sure to be the hottest release of 1989!" which leads me to believe Edition 14 was printed in 1989 or possibly late 1988.

And that's really it on content. There's the editor's column, fan letters, classified ads, and new releases, which accounts for 6 pages (8 if you count the covers). The rest is advertising, mostly for Mayfair Games, and a couple pages for ICE product.

I don't know if this was issued with the three hole punches already in place or if they were added after the fact.

The only credited contributor was the editor, Doug Cowie.

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