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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Level, Another One

The other day my DM stopped by to pick up some campaign-related material. While he was here, I recalled that my elf wizard dinged 8th last time we played, but as it was late and we were smoked, we did not take care of any housekeeping. So I had him witness my HD roll for 8th, and as you may have now deduced by the post title, I rolled a 1. Again. For the SEVENTH CONSECUTIVE TIME!!!

According to Ned, that is about 1 in 16,000 give or take a bit. By all accounts, my poor wizzy should get killed by anything stronger than, say, a mortally wounded kobold. With no other bonuses, I should only have 11 HPs. Eleven. As it stands, I have 29. Let's break that down:

1st Level: 4 (all PCs in our campaigns always start with max HP at 1st level)
1st Level: 4 (Mind over Body feat; gives INT bonus as HP bonus @ 1st level [FRCS p37])
2nd-8th: 7 (that would be those seven straight ones rolled, in case you missed it)
3rd & 5th: 2 (+1 HP per Metamagic feat taken per Mind over Body)
Other: 12 (newly-acquired Ring of Robustness)
TOTAL: 29 HP @ 8th level

If I didn't have my new ring, I would be weighing in at 17 HP. Pretty close to average, which I think is what, 20? 2.5 x 8 = 20, if I remember my stat block generation standards correctly. I suppose I could always choose CON (currently 10) as my 8th-level ability increase, and then CON again at 12th. That would give me 11 extra HP (not 12, because of Mind over Body). Something to think about.

Anyone else ever have such shitty luck with the dice? Maybe I should buy a Powerball ticket, see if I can defy those odds and score a big payday. Then I could bribe Ned to let me re-roll all those ones. Of course I'd have to pay hush money to the other guys around the table, but it would be SO worth it.

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