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Friday, January 14, 2011

New additions to the lead family

It's been a busy week on the painting and collecting front. I've made significant progress on my DA scouts, and they are nearing completion. Overall, I'm very pleased with the results to date, and I'll even give Devlan Mud wash a try. Pics of the final product to follow in the near future.
Two boxes arrived in my mailbox bearing newly-acquired lead. The first one contained four minis from Superior Models: WL-71 Surtur the Fire Giant, WL-78 Sitting Griffon, WL-102 Dragon Warrior, and WL-103 Dragon Mistress. I already have Surtur, but this new one came with wings, which I did not have on the first one.
The Griffon is a sweet sculpt, even though it is not a dynamic pose. The feathers are nicely done, and should show a great amount of detail when painted up. I also like the large eyes, which just scream character, so I hope I do a good job on them. The dragons for 102 and 103 are the same, but the riders aren't. Just need the Dragon Master (WL-100) round out the trio of dragons and riders.

I was quite happy to pick up all four for just under a total of $21. As a plus, all four models came with their original packaging! Big thanks to eBay seller basementblowout48723 for superb customer service and a flawless transaction.

The other box held a Ral Partha Stone Giant (11-403) and a pair of LOTR minis from Heritage: 1760 Troll of Moria, and the Balrog from 3000 The Mines of Moria Paint'n'Play set.
The troll I wanted because I remember it from back in the day - can't say for sure if I previously owned one or not, but I remember his ugly, snaggle-toothed face for sure. And the Balrog - well, what's not to love about a LOTR Balrog? The unique thing about this one, though, is his size. He's barely bigger than a human-sized Heritage mini! I wonder if the sculptor had to make him that size to fit in the set.

Big thanks to fellow eBayer selmanvandrake for a fast and excellent transaction.

Wrapping things up, my boys wanted to take some pics of their minis. Here are some from Frodo (age 8):
and Taz (age 6):
Frodo shows more interest in painting than Taz (as evidenced by his collection of over 200 minis compared to Taz's 20 or 30), but it's fun to see them busy painting. Chips off the old block, or something like that.

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