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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Painting To-Do List, January 2011

OK, reality check time. After taking stock of the various miniatures lounging around my desk, I typed up a list of everything present. The list is long and shameful, but it needed to be done. First, I am going to finish those projects already started. Second, I will resist the temptation to start anything else until the following list is complete:

Drow x7 [Reaper WL 14590, 14575, 14570, 14355; DHL 2952, 2524, 2506]
Skeletons x3 [Reaper Barrow Wardens 3220 & 3221]
Vampire [GW Mordheim blister]
Giant, Stone [RP 11-403]
Giant, Frost [RP 11-436]
Giant, Frost [Reaper DHL 2622]
Giant, Cyclops [RP 11-488]
Giant, Skeletal [Reaper DHL 2742]
Giant, Fire [RP 02-934 Barbarian]
Giant, Fire [RP 01-067 Hecatron]
Giant, Hill [RP 01-313]
Ogre/troll [RP 02-144]
Hobgoblins x6 [RP 11-446 and 11-487]
Orcs x11 [RP 02-073 & 02-084]

Dark Angels scouts x11

And that, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg! There are no less than 14 more giants, 7 demons/devils, 2 beholders, 1 basilisk, and a dragon or three waiting for some love. My fetish for giants is apparent, but I found it interesting that in my 30+ years of gaming, I've never done a large dragon! With any amount of luck, I will tackle Ebonwrath after I wade through the above list. He's already partially assembled, but I want to greenstuff some gaps and make it look good. Must...focus!

Anyone out there have any goals this year? I'd love to hear about them if you want to share.



ChicagoWiz said...

Hmm... thanks for the blog post idea! :)

TopKat said...

Hey Wiz, thanks for stopping by! I see you have your list posted, so have fun painting those up. I've been meaning to pick up some Otherworld minis, so maybe this is the year for me. Always nice to see another RPG/biker enthusiast active out there.



ChicagoWiz said...

You're welcome. Painting this time "feels" different than painting last year. I don't know if it's confidence or what. I'm also taking more breaks versus trying to slog and keep slogging through. Dunno. We'll see how long it takes for the 39 primed. I know 18 will go fast - 18 gobbos don't scare me so much. Those bigger guys - the dragon, troll and Exarch are a little o.O

I didn't know you rode... what kinda scoot you have? This downtime with the cold and ice, it's killin' me!

TopKat said...

I hear you about the painting - I'm taking it in small bites so far, trying not to get overwhelmed. Did an hour tonight, so that's one hour closer to finishing my DA scouts.

My ride is my first and only steed - a 1985 Honda VF700F Interceptor that I bought brand spanking new in 86, during my first year in college. I *really* need to put some miles on it this year. Been far too long.

ChicagoWiz said...

I have also set up my workstation downstairs in my workshop where I don't have to break it down, so there's not this insane push to try and get as much done because I have to clean up everything. I can put stuff down, leave it out, return to it easier.

Last night, I worked on a Super Sculpey flagstone/rock base for my minis, so I had to add another primed mini to the list. Dammit! LOL

I have a 2005 Harley Sportster 1200 Custom. Amazingly cool and nice bike. I put 10k miles on it from beginning of May to Thanksgiving. I'll ride above 20deg F, no ice/thunder-lightning. So far, that's not been the case since Thanksgiving. I'm jonesing bad.