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Friday, August 26, 2011

Lead Market Report - July 2011

You buy, you sell, you collect, and sometimes you paint. Here's another installment of the Lead Market Report. Enjoy!

Archive: The umber hulk - I mean, AMBER hulk - is another nice example of a classic AD&D critter. $20.50 is a decent price.

Citadel/GW: Santa with a shotgun for $12.20? I love some of the rare and limited edition stuff from Citadel. These Marauder ogres went for $51, along with some unidentified archers. From the AD&D line, we have the umber hulk ($21) and an incomplete beholder ($5.40) that I'm pretty sure could be fixed up with some thin wire and greenstuff. Or if you prefer, a complete NIB beholder for $32.

This gothic Chaos chick went for $17.89. I was trying to remember where I had seen her before in the blogosphere, and then I remembered - it was here, on The Realm of Zhu. Thanks Zhu. And from the Star Trek files, I give you Mr. Spock, some Redshirts (?), and Arcturians. Prices seem more than reasonable IMO.

And from the "Never Underestimate the Power of the Bitz Bag" I give you this bag of Dark Angels bitz for $54. I can't see what exactly makes it so valuable, but there's nothing like a well-stocked selection of bitz when it comes to WH40K army builders and customizers.

GHQ: 100 Panthers and Mk IVs for $80 is a pretty good buy if you need a bunch of armor to bolster your Panzer forces.

Grenadier: The massive Goblin War Giant usually commands prices hovering around (and even over) the $100 mark. If you don't require the original Grenadier casting, why not consider the newer one from Mirliton for $68? For the completists, consider this lot of inserts from several box sets for $10. I've never been a big fan of this Cloud Giant sculpt, but I've always had my eye on it merely for the sake of completing my collection of Grenadier giants. $14.50 is a decent price, but still too high for me to bite.

The allure of Gamma World is such that GW collectors will pay $61 for an incomplete set of Adventurers (only missing 2 minis, but still). The Juggernaut is another big hunk of lead, which always makes NIB copies for under $22 seem like a bargain to me. And speaking of bargains, $10.88 for a NIB King Arthur set - seriously? That would make me happy if I was a Grenadier completist.

On the non-bargain end of the spectrum, these LOTR sets by Grenadier went for quite a bit more than I have seem them cost in the past. I know, I know, they are all NIB. Isengard was $73, Shelob's Lair was $58, and Hillmen of the Trollshaws was a fairly modest $44.

Heritage: Dungeon Dwellers boxed sets, in particular those still in shrink or otherwise in pristine condition are always a sure thing. But I think the buyer who picked up Level One Monsters AND Magic Users & Clerics for $60 got a nice deal.

Leading Edge: $50 for a sealed Alien Queen set? Yeah, I would have snapped that up too if I was working on an Aliens set.

Minifigs: Orcus strikes fear into both adventurers and collector's wallets. $34 for this nice example actually seems to be a fairly reasonable price in my opinion.

Ral Partha: Dragon box sets headline RP this month. $255 for the Dragon Duel set really has that WOW factor if you happen to be the seller. On the other hand, this set went for $10. Hmm. I would have been happy to be the buyer who picked up this copy of The Great Red Dragon for $80.80, considering how much other sellers typically ask for this outstanding dragon. The Dracolich is another one on my "one of these days" list, but not this one for $120. I'm more inclined to drop $4.02 on The Antagonists, but as I've admitted before, I'm a bit of a cheap bastard.

I'm guessing the buyer of this $86 lot had his/her eyes on the Peryton, Otyugh, and Yuan Ti. I've always wanted a Catoblepas, if only to have it for the sake of having those odd critters from the pages of the MM.

OGRE collectors have never been shy about shelling out for the massive Mk V Combine. This one went for $36.56, which seems about right (if not slightly lower) compared to previous sales. Battletech types still put out for classics like the Warhammer for $41.

The RP Mystery Listing of the month goes to this Armored Cloud Giant that sold for $34.56. It is packaged in an 11-Series blister with the text mysteriously missing. I wasn't aware this particular model was part of the 11-Series, and always thought it was from the Imports product line. Either way, it's a mini I'm still on the hunt for.

Did someone say Molydeus? Someone said it for $118.50 for their MIB Moly.

Most humorous listing this time around goes to 11-055 Manxam the Beholder, or in this case, "Ral Partha Bloob 9 Legs Strange Lil Toy Pewter" - LOL! $12.58 isn't a bad price either, if you're buying. You could have picked him up for BINs of $15 or $9, also great prices.

This 11-Series lot that went for $392 seems like a lot, but when you think about it, you get almost 40 blisters for right around $10-12 each. Not bad, not bad at all.

Reaper: The Mancubus is not something I'd like to encounter if I was a space marine type of guy. This one was $27.50.

Superior Models: Cutter & Leetah of Elfquest fame can usually be counted on to sell well, especially if properly identified in the title & listing. This pair for $16.59 may have been touted as Ral Partha, but they are undoubtedly Superior in origin.

Well, that wraps up July's LMR. I should probably get a jump on August, now that September is nearly upon us. Thanks for reading!

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