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Sunday, May 8, 2016

DragonTooth GI-6, Big Meg and Her Stewpot

It's been way too long since I finished a project, much less one of my favorite subjects - DragonTooth giants. Last time I finished a DT giant was back in 2012, so I'm a bit overdue. Big Meg has been sitting on the workbench since 2010, when I picked her up in a nice lot of giants. I was working on her and a repaint of my Ral Partha 11-488 Cyclops over the past several weeks, so it was nice to finish not just one but two (two!) projects. I know that's peanuts compared to some of you more dedicated painters, but it's progress for me.

What can I say about Meg? How about she's so ugly she's beautiful. Her face is kinda flat and broad, with one bug eye and a single snaggly tooth. Her limbs are thick and beefy, and Sir Mix-A-Lot would be a fan of her rear end and then some. Tom Loback was such a wonderful artist, so good at adding life and character to inanimate bits of lead. Big Meg has that "it factor" in spades, at least in my opinion.

Painting her presented a new challenge for me, as she is of course nearly naked. I don't think I've ever painted this much bare flesh on any miniature, much less one this large. Lots of creases, folds, and random dimples to deal with. I was trying to achieve a pale, pasty complexion, with dirt and grime in the appropriate areas, as I picture Meg hanging out in a cave lair. That explains why her feet are dirty, from scuffling around her cave, hunched over a cooking fire, tending her stew.

She has a unibrow. Hawt!
Why did I paint her stew green? I don't know, isn't all giant stew green? Actually, it was purely for aesthetic reasons. It was the only place I thought a pop of color would look appropriate, and the stew in Conan the Barbarian (remember the orgy scene where they kidnap the princess?) was kind of a sickly whitish-greenish glop, so that was my inspiration. The only non-OEM part on Meg is the stewpot handle. I fashioned mine out of wire, as the ones I made out of Green Stuff and Milliput both proved to be too brittle and broke.

And here's a picture with both of my completed DT giants side-by-side. I would hate to run into these two, although I could totally picture them in The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief. Such a cute couple!


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David Wood said...

Great work. One of m favorite giants......had mine a few years now and still not finished....I think we inhabit the same world :)

TopKat said...

Thanks guys! David, we could just say great minds think alike and call it a day.