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Friday, May 13, 2016

Ral Partha 11-488 Cyclops repaint

I've always loved this particular sculpt from the AD&D 11-series. He's big, muscular, looks pissed off, and is about to ruin some adventurer's day with the rock in his hand. I wish I had taken a "before" pic so I had something to compare it to now, but I'll remember that down the road. I know it saw a lot of use on the gaming table, but time and a smallish base took their toll. The paint was chipped in strategic locations (the parts that made contact with the table every time it fell over) and he was starting to look quite ragged. So into the stripper he went, and then a new base was crafted to keep him stable. Look ma, no more tipovers!

I anticipate this newly refurbished cyclops will once again see a lot of use on the gaming table, terrorizing the PCs and causing mayhem, as giants are wont to do. Only this time, he won't be constantly tipping over!


xredmenacex said...

Wow. This guy looks great. Very nice color choices.

TopKat said...

Thanks Red! I'm very pleased with the results on this guy, except for the green bracers. Should have gone with something more neutral. Ah, hindsight.