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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let There Be (a) Light Box...

...and it was good. So today I FINALLY got around to tackling a project I've been putting off for no good reason, but hey, it's done, so get off my back already! I made my very own light box/tent. Whilst perusing the Reaper forums awhile back, I stopped by the Shutterbug forum and found this totally freaking awesome how-to article.

As advertised, it's affordable - I think I spent $10 on spray glue and bristol board. The box was free, and I used a gently worn white t-shirt for my fabric. I did spend $20 on a swing-arm lamp and another $6 or $7 on a bulb, but still, for just under $40, I now have a great set-up for taking pics of my minis and other random trinkets.

All I need to do now is fiddle around with my camera's settings to optimize my pic quality. You can see the difference if you look at the pic in my first post - the group of Reaper minis were posed on a sheet of blue construction paper on the dining room table. Light was an overhead chandelier and plenty of sunshine from the window directly behind me. The Superior minis I snapped today have much more even lighting, and for once I'm looking forward to taking more pics of my minis!

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Anonymous said...

Great tip, thanks for sharing!