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Monday, April 26, 2010

Superior Resource Solves Superior Mystery

One of the great things about the mini collecting community is the people who comprise the mini collecting community. Case in point: I replied to a post over on the Collecting Grenadier Models group on Yahoo! about the ID of a large winged demon by Superior Models. This demon, by normal conventions, is pretty much your iconic balrog and/or pit fiend: large (almost 60mm tall), leering, wings, cloven hooves, and wielding a long whip in one hand and a sword in the other.
WL-071 Surtur, the Fire Giant

Many collectors, myself included, assumed this fella was WL-113 Large Devil, Pit Fiend. Back to the post on CGM - one member said no, the demon those of us assumed was WL-113 was in fact WL-71 Surtur, the Fire Giant. I replied to that, asking for some sort of evidence to back that up, as the identity of several demons on The Stuff of Legends and Lost Minis Wiki was a source of constant misery...err, mystery. Same for a double entry: WL-112 and WL-114 were both listed as Monster Masher, Catapult.

So in my inbox this morning is an email from Boki Gromdal over at with a small batch of images from what I'm assuming is a Superior Models catalog. And what do you know, the "pit fiend" is in fact WL-71 Surtur, the Fire Giant! Also identified were WL-98 Baalzebul, Arch Devil; WL-113 Large Devil, Pit Fiend; and WL-112 and WL-114 are in fact two different variations of the Monster Masher - 112 has a devil's face with horns, and 114 has a dragon's head.
WL-098 Baalzebul, Arch DevilWL-113 Large Devil, Pit Fiend

The sum of all this for me is a big smile on my face, as a long-standing identification conundrum is laid to rest. Big thanks to Seebrin on the CGM group for bringing this up, and even bigger thanks to Boki Gromdal for his images. You guys rock!
WL-113, -071, and -098

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