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Monday, April 26, 2010

UFOTW #1 - Unidentified Figure Of The Week

Masterpiece Water ElementalThis little gal kicks off my "can you ID this mini?" entry I'll be posting each week. She stands a hair over 1.25" tall, but since she's not standing upright, so she would be pretty damn tall for 25/28mm, but I'm not sure if she would be a good fit for 54mm...

There are no hallmarks that I can see on the bottom of her base, which isn't flat. It's actually kind of textured, like a poor casting. I should post a pic of that. The front edge of her base almost has that Archive-looking angle to it, but the rear of the base is more or less square.

She looks like a Water Nymph or Water Spirit, perhaps even a Water Elemental? Water Goddess? Nekkid Chick having a Really Bad Hair Day? Hopefully someone out there will look at this and know exactly what she is.


stoneperales said...

Hi Tom, nice blog, and sorry for being late on getting back to you. The mini above was made by an old company called Masterpiece Miniatures.
It's listed as stock #214 as a "Water Elemental" and was made at least by 1983, part of a 25mm line of minis. Hope that helps, and have a great day-Stone

TopKat said...

Stone, thanks for reading and for the ID! Maybe I should just rename my UFOTW column "Ask Stone" or something like that ;)

stoneperales said...

Hah Hah. Thanks for the kind words! I'll try to swing by as often as I can to participate. Talk soon,
-Stone :)