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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Kingdom For A Storage Solution!

Minis on my desk. Minis in drawers. Minis on box/tote lids on the floor. Minis, minis everywhere! I hate that my work area is always overflowing with minis, and my wife would just assume melt them down and make fishing weights with them (or re-cast them as cute little woodland animals, if only to taunt me).

My collection is more or less divided into four distinct categories: 1) Minis I game with - these are safely tucked away in six Chessex cases, so no worries there. 2) Minis for display - this batch is now crowding what used to be a small DVD stand with four shelves. Some have spilled over onto other shelves and surfaces, but nothing out of control. 3) Minis waiting to be painted - these are on my desk, if only to remind me that some of them have been waiting forever and a day to be finished. 4) Minis waiting to be traded/sold - these suckers are the bane of my existence. They are all over the place, in groups big and small, and in serious need of organization. (My boxed sets are carefully stored in boxes or totes, so they are not in the way.)

So how do you, my fellow leadaholics, keep your armies in check? One possibility I'm leaning towards are clear, shallow totes. I would use segments of PVC pipe as supports, and stack each tote on top of each other to minimize the footprint and maximize storage.

Basically, I need a compact, spacious, and affordable storage option for the minis that are circulating in and out of my life. What say you?

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mikemonaco said...

I have mine in Plano (or similar generic) tackle boxes, on a plastic shelving unit of the kind they sell at Home Depot. Actually two shelving units. And a stack of boxes under a on old dresser, and some of the dresser drawers. And some bigger tihngs like dragons on top of a bookshelf.

But 90% probably in Plano boxes stacked on the shelves.

It helps to have a big rec room.