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Friday, February 4, 2011

American Eagles - Thanks For The Memories

For 40+ years, American Eagles has supplied Seattle-area gamers/modelers/train enthusiasts with a place to go and get their fix. Alas, their time has come and they will close their doors on April 9, 2011. Between now and then, they are selling off pretty much everything for 20% to 30% off, and I wonder if the discounts will grow bigger as time winds down.

I paid them a visit today with my youngest son in tow. He picked out a couple of 20-siders (one for him, one for his older brother) and I bought a Reaper mini (3333 Boneflail) and some Woodland Scenics Field Grass. And as a belated birthday present for my father-in-law who collects patches, uniforms and other Vietnam-era artifacts, a small illustration entitled "The American Soldier, 1965 - Army Aviation, Cavalry, and Special Forces Officers - Troops boarding helicopters" that used to grace their walls.

I chatted with the gentleman behind the counter briefly, mostly to say thanks for the memories. I used to stop by their store back in the day, when it was in the Greenwood neighborhood, a true gamer's paradise. Books, modules, accessories, and for me - tons of lead. He showed me a scrapbook one of the customers put together for the store. Pictures, articles, ads, you name it. An old-fashioned hold-it-in-your-hands album that is a nice tribute to the store.

Over the years, I tried to make it there a couple of times a year. Browse the gaming section, scour the lead section, buy a model or two, a can of paint, something, anything. It was just one of those places I could go and wander around in.

Eagles will soon join USS Enterprise (Kirkland) and Triple Alliance (Bellevue) in the sad ranks of gaming shops that have closed their doors. At least Eagles stayed around a lot longer than the other two. Still, it's a bit sad to lose a connection to my gaming past.

I'll have to go there at least one more time before they close their doors for the last time.

All good things must come to an end, I suppose. Damn.

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