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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Lead Market Report - December/January 2011

Back in December, I noted the crazy amounts that a couple of WEG Star Wars minis went for. So I thought I'd start a new monthly feature where I share what various minis have been going for on eBay, Craigslist, etc. This time, I'm covering December 2010 and January 2011, but moving forward I'll most likely only cover a month at a time. So here we go!

Citadel: I loves me them Citadel giants, but $54.08 for one of the C28 giants was too rich for my blood. I'll keep holding out, and try to pick one up in some random lot like I did here.

Grenadier: Look out, here comes the Giants Club! The Dwarven Giant sold for $33, the ettin, I mean Two Headed Giant sold for $33.76, the Sea Giant went for $33, and the Hill Giants tallied $34.

Ral Partha: RP box sets continue to do well. Both of the Birthright sets went for $67 each (10-523 Abominations and 10-524 Personalities of the Blood), while 10-514 Dragon Mountain sold for $64. 10-503 Huma's Silver Dragon commanded $61, with its Dragonlance counterpart 10-500 The Red Dragon of Krynn taking in $51. And if you ever need an ogre battle force, how about 10-561 Billidum and the Ogre Marauders for $32.68? Finally, someone plunked down $75 for 01-503 The Great Red Dragon.

Reaper: The Deep Pockets award this time around goes to the collector who picked up a pair of DOOM minis for a whopping $96.99! Does anyone even play DOOM anymore? BFG, indeed.

Thunderbolt Mountain: Fred! Charly! Where's my wallet? This super-cool and rare vintage set went for a fairly modest $76.50, so that's what, just under $10 per mini?

West End Games: Star Wars just keeps raking in the big bucks all these years later. To go along with the Tauntaun and AT-PT (see the first link), the Snowspeeder sold for a cool $61.

So yes, there seems to be no shortage of well-heeled (or credit-extended) collectors out there who love to spend large on rare, carded, boxed, and shrinked minis. There are already a couple of doozies for next month, so stay tuned for the February report sometime in early March. Thanks for stopping by!

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