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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Got Peryton?

For those of you who run old-school campaigns or collect old-school monsters, here's a new miniature of an old favorite, the Peryton from Center Stage Miniatures.

It's a Jason Wiebe sculpt (who has also done a lot of work for Reaper), and personally I like this one better than the Ral Partha 11-530, which is pretty rare and therefore too pricey for the average gamer/collector.

According to this thread on the forums, the Peryton is $10.50, or $9.45 during the limited pre-order. The Center Stage Miniatures shop can be found here. Check out the Sahaug...I mean, Sea Devils. Great sculpts! Might have to pick me up one or three.

You can also check out product news on the CSM blog.


grodog said...

Definitely good stuff. CSM's Lord of Eyes is also worth picking up, along with the Dracolisk!


Thumbprint said...

I thought perytons looked like deer with bird wings...and with the shadow of a man...