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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Painting Progress, Dead Computers, and Rooney

I've been hacking away at my DA scouts, and while I feel I'm getting close to finishing them, I've also been a little frustrated. There are so many details on them! Grenades (3-4 different kinds), pouches, holsters, weapons, armor, commo gear, skin, eyes, hair, etc. Looking back, I probably should have picked a standard tactical squad to paint up first. Oh well, just a bit more work.

I'm also working on some D&D lead as well, and really like how those are shaping up. Let's just say there are skeletons, and then there are skeletons clad in plate, grinning skulls leering at the PCs they are about to tear into.

A couple of posts back, I talked about the new Peryton from Center Stage Miniatures. I really like the look of their Sea Devils, so I ordered the three different sculpts available. I'll be sure to post a product review once they arrive and I get a good look at them.

We finally decided to replace our aging PC with a new laptop, complete with a 24" monitor and docking station. A couple days after we place the order, the old PC stops working! Seems to be a hard drive issue. But lo and behold, the new rig arrives a day or two early, so I'm back in business. Huzzah!

And for those footie fans out there who have not already seen it, here's a link to the Wayne Rooney bicycle kick goal he recently potted against Manchester City. Brilliant!

That is all for now. Until next time, happy painting and prosperous gaming.


Center Stage Miniatures said...

Thanks for your purchase! Please let me know when your miniatures arrive, and I'll be keeping an eye on your blog for interesting news! If there's anything I can do for you on my end, please let me know. Thanks for your support of old-school mini manufacturers! -- Matt S., Center Stage Miniatures

TopKat said...

Matt, I did indeed receive the minis. I'll be working on a full review soon, but until then, I will say that I like the packaging (easy to open) and love the font used for "Advanced Fantasy" on the card - instantly recognizable :)

Center Stage Miniatures said...

Thanks, TopKat. Just wait until you see the new blister cards for the 25mm Fantasy Encounters line. I think you'll find those easy to recognize too. :)