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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mental Roadblock

Sugar honey ice tea! It's been over a month since my last post, so thanks to some gentle prodding from my DM, I'm attempting to re-engage the creative side of my brain. And that would be a good thing, because it's really the only part of my brain that works.

I pretty much went off the painting grid before we took off for our annual family trip to Lake Chelan. And once we got back, I have continued to ignore the many projects sitting on my desk. Having said that, I will note that I helped my apprentice (aka my almost 8-year-old son) assemble the first unit in his 40K Space Marine army: a 10-man Tactical squad of Ultramarines and a Land Speeder. I also put together a couple of ruins, and started building some Dark Eldar warriors so we can play an intro scenario.

Taking a backseat to 40K are a trio of Reaper skeletal warriors (Barrow Wardens), seven Drow raiders (also by Reaper), and my Giant of the Month Club, which is soon to be four unfinished members strong. That, unfortunately, is just the tip of my unfinished projects iceberg.

I've also been totally idle on peddling my extra minis via eBay, to add a little salt to my other wounds.

To help inspire me, I've been cruising the Reaper forums and CMON. What I really need to do is just sit down and paint. Inspiration helps, but it doesn't get any paint on the lead. Must...focus! Wish me luck.