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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lead Market Report - Dragons! Dragons! Special Edition

OK, OK, I's been way too long since I banged out a LMR. So I thought I'd get back on track with this report that focuses on Dragons and other creatures who often get lumped in dragon-kind. Next report will hopefully see my back to my standard monthly LMR format covering a bit of everything. Thanks for reading!

DRAGONTOOTH: Well, a 5-headed hydra isn't a true dragon, but it's good enough to include in this report. Now this D-76, this is a true classic, and for only $23. There were a few other DT dragons as well, but those got lumped in down below in the Lots of Lots entries.

GRENADIER: This $56 lot looks like fun - it has a bunch of pieces that may or may not have several complete DOTM dragons plus some extras. $88 for five assorted metallic dragons. Someone really likes Asian-themed Grenadier dragons, to the tune of $114 for this lot of 6. This lot of 8 dragons went for $143, which is still less than $20 per dragon. And I had no idea that the Imperial Dragon of the Eleven Celestial Dynasties was in the $95 range, but this one was.

RAL PARTHA: Let's start off RP with a Draco Dracorum for $75. How about a 2-for-1 in the form of T'Char and Niddhogg for $45. Another 2-fer was this Dueling Dragons and Griffin Chariot for $35. He's big, he's bad, he's the Great Red Dragon for a mere $60! Another Great Red Dragon (no box, no number plate) for $56. For a smaller version of the Great Red Dragon, there is the Dragonstrike boxed set, this one for only $30. Not a true dragon, but impressive nonetheless is The Feathered Serpent, and for $87 at that! Look at this - a Dracolich in shrink for $79. Much more reasonable than $200-$250 that you sometimes see advertised for this cool model.

LOTS OF LOTS: $64 for a couple of DT hydras, Heritage hydras, some other hydras, and a 90mm Superior Gollum. $49 for 8 assorted dragons and beasties, including something in the middle that looks like a conversion that was started, as evidenced by the Greenstuff. $58 bought someone 6 assorted creatures, along with a dragon or two. A riderless Red Dragon of Krynn and three others went for $72. The prices continue to climb, like this lot of 4 for $91. I don't know why it only cost me $68 to score this sweet lot that included Superior, DragonTooth, Minifigs, and Grenadier dragons. I'm certainly not complaining, just wondering why there weren't more bids. You can't make out much in these photos, but there are some Reaper dragons in this haul that sold for $64. Seemed like a lot with possibilities if you are the gambling type. Who is that big lunk in the back of this $86 lot? Why yes, it IS an Archive/R-kiiv Imperial Dragon. And yes, that is his twin dragon brother in this $135 lot. Very cool and very big! Another 8 for $114 lot was this one, about half dragons and half other winged creatures of one sort or another. This lot of 8 went for $103, and was more dragon-esque in nature than the previous lot.

THE GREAT UNKNOWN: I have no idea whatsoever on this critter. It looks kind of like a cross between a beaver, dragon, and octopus (?). Not sure if it is complete or a mish-mash of parts, but it is nonetheless intriguing! And at only $12, a relative bargain if you like taking chances on oddities.

And that's it! Kind of short and to the point, but stay tuned for the return of the usual LMR, coming soon to a blog near you. At least this blog. I think you catch my drift.