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Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Additions To The Lead Pile

Every now and then, with equal parts persistence, patience, and luck, you unearth a nugget of gold, a little gem amongst the dirt, the chaff, the fool's gold. Sometimes it is only a small find, like a Grenadier Frost Giant (2nd series #071) you've been looking for but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for (I paid $3.50 plus $3 shipping). Other times, it is a bit more fun - like a Ral Partha Remorhaz (11-504).

 Posed jauntily atop some craggy mountaintop.

A quick auction site search for the Remorhaz shows models being offered for $120. A search of completed listings shows models for $100+ that did not sell. The most recent sale was for $64 + $10 shipping. So when I picked up one for $35 (free shipping!) it pretty much made my day. The other minis in the lot included a couple of Mithril blisters - the Barrow-Wight King (M257) and Balin's Tomb (M285), a partial RP Black Prince's Chariot of Fear, and a couple other misc. items to boot. Score! Now begins the fun part - assembling a multi-part ralidium frost worm. Hours of fun, no doubt.

 Paint, glue, and patience not included.

Another small lot landed a WOTC Umber Hulk and the body of a Citadel C28 giant, with another eight minis included. That set me back $6.50 (+ $4 shipping). I do love bargains, mmm hmmm.

And to round things out, how about some heavy metal in the form of an armored juggernaut? The Heritage Panzertroops Centurion III is big and heavy! I've posed it next to a Matilda for scale reference, as well as with a WIP 1/72nd Hasegawa Tiger.