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Monday, January 26, 2015

Ledfoot Frost Giant - Anyone Recognize Him?

I picked this guy up earlier this month on eBay. It was an easy choice, as it was A) a giant and B) cheap ($5). But not to be overlooked, C) it is from the 80s and not something I recognize at all. And there is no entry for Ledfoot on the Lost Minis Wiki, Stuff of Legends, or Leadpoisoned. Hmmm.

I have dubbed him "Punisher" due to his skull-shaped belt buckle. Or maybe he's from Texas, where everything is bigger, especially belt buckles.

He stands 2.25" tall from top of base to top of helmet.

And here's a shot of the base bottom and hallmark.

If anyone knows anything about this mini and/or the manufacturer, please share. Thanks!