This blog is about the world of gaming miniatures, as seen from my perspective. I've been collecting and painting for over 30 years now, and while my primary focus is miniatures for D&D, I also enjoy many other games that use minis, so we'll be covering those as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Demons & Devils invade North Pole!

A couple of weeks ago, a long-awaited package finally arrived at my doorstep: a big box of metal and resin evilness! The box contained my miniatures for the Demons & Devils Kickstarter campaign from Center Stage Miniatures. All I have had time to do so far is unbox them and make sure everything I ordered was present - and I am very happy to report that it is all there. What I still need to do is check each mini and make sure nothing is miscast or missing parts. That will have to wait a couple more weeks, though.

This will give me plenty of posting fodder for 2014 as I clean, prep, assemble, and god forbid paint each one. Overall, they are totally badass and most of them look just like they stepped off the pages of the AD&D Monster Manual! If you need some demons or devils for your campaign and missed this Kickstarter, stop by the CSM store and pick up a few.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bargains in Lead & TheTwelve Days of Reaper

My friends over at FRP Games typically have great sales this time of year, and 2013 was no exception. I picked up Reaper's Cadirith, Colossal Demonic Spider for a whopping $10.00, along with my first two Red Box minis (Rotbreath and Gnasher) for a mere $1.50 each. Cadirith is the P65 version, but you can't pick it up for less than $35 on eBay, so I'm very happy with my haul.

If Reaper minis are your cup of tea, you better head on over to their website and partake in their Twelve Days of Reaper festivities. Spend $35 and get the free miniature of the day. Runs 12/6 through 12/17. I'd like to get on Sophie's naughty list! Ho...ho...ho.