This blog is about the world of gaming miniatures, as seen from my perspective. I've been collecting and painting for over 30 years now, and while my primary focus is miniatures for D&D, I also enjoy many other games that use minis, so we'll be covering those as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 18, 2014

D&D Starter Set!

Thanks to the industrious mailing gnomes at Amazon, my long-awaited pre-order of the 5E/D&D Next Starter Set showed up in the mail today! I have done absolutely zero painting, blogging, or anything gaming related for quite a spell now. I'm going to give it all a good reading this weekend, so look for a follow-up post in the hopefully near future. My gaming buddies can rest assured that I'm not going to attempt to get us to switch over to 5E - I simply want to get my hands on the new rules for my own collection and curiosity.