This blog is about the world of gaming miniatures, as seen from my perspective. I've been collecting and painting for over 30 years now, and while my primary focus is miniatures for D&D, I also enjoy many other games that use minis, so we'll be covering those as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Minis Want List

Here's my current Want List (as of 1/2/2016):

AD&D Player Characters
AD&D Monsters

ADD72 Carrion Crawler
ADD75 Gorgon
ADD81 Owlbear

Need: all the rest



Air Power:
individual blisters

Lord of The Rings:
3000 Mines of Moria boxed set
3010 Helm's Deep boxed set

3160 Tank Attack boxed set
individual blisters


Wizards & Lizards:
WL-001 War Lizard (have the lizard; need the 3 riders)
WL-003 Swamp Demon
WL-005 Dragon #1
WL-027 Gnome sitting on Tree Stump
WL-028 Tree Monster
WL-037 Dragon's Nest
WL-039 Dragon #4 Large
WL-047 Mounted Knight, 1475 AD (need the horse)
WL-054 Orc Chieftain
WL-055 Puff, the Dragon
WL-056 Fafnir, a Great Dragon
WL-057 Tiamat, a Great Dragon
WL-063 Fantascene #1 (need the dragon)
WL-070 Dragon #6
WL-080 Flying Gryphon
WL-092 Crusader Knight
WL-100 Dragonmaster riding Dragon
WL-108 Dragon Sitting on Cave
WL-112 Monster Masher, Catapult (devil face)
WL-117 Indian Chief Tobadzistsini
WL-118 Ninja #1
WL-122 Giant Killer Bee
WL-123 Giant Sorcerer's Hand with Crystal Ball
WL-125 Super Hero
WL-127 Stench Cow (buffalo)
WL-128 Grizzly Bear
WL-129 Giant Unicorn
WL-131 Oriental Wizard
WL-132 Wizard with Staff
WL-133 Sultan Wizard
WL-135 Robot #2
WL-138 Eagle on Rock, wings spread
WL-139 Ninja #3
WL-141 Dragon on Treasure Chest with Crystal Ball
WL-142 Mini Round Castle
WL-143 Mini Square Castle
WL-144 Fantasy Castle
WL-145 Dragon on rock, snarling
WL-146 Knight mounted on rearing horse
WL-147 Fantascene #3
WL-148 Crystal Master (40mm) crystal ball
WL-149 Crystal Sorcerer (40mm) crystal ball
WL-150 Wizard King (40mm) crystal ball
WL-153 Dragon on Rock, 5" with crystals
WL-154 Tyrannosaurus Rex (large)
WL-155 Brontosaurus
WL-156 Triceratops
WL-157 Tyrannosaurus Rex (small)
WL-158 Pteradactyl
WL-159 Stegasaurus

90mm Fantasy:
FA-02 The Sorceress
FA-04 Warrior of the Red Planet
FA-05 Mistress of the Red Planet
FA-09 Sif
FA-16 Sam
FA-21 Gnome
FA-22 Gnomess
FA-23 Gnome Children (boy & girl)
FA-27 Gnome Babies in Cradle
FA-28 Sitting Gnome
FA-34 Torc (Aquarian World Warrior)
FA-38 Leprechaun - Patti O'Brien
FA-39 Hercules
FA-40 Unicorn Sire
FA-41 Unicorn Lady
FA-47 Shawn, The Leprechaun
FA-50 Cyllarus, Male Centaur
FA-51 Hylonome, Female Centaur
FA-52 Leonardus, Baby Centaur
FA-55 Jameela, Dancing Girl (Arabian Nights)

Warzone/Mutant Chronicles:

D&D Silver Anniversary:
40000 Paladin
40001 Cleric
40002 Halfling Thief
40003 Elven Fighter/Mage (female)
40004 Fighter
40005 Dwarven Fighter
40006 Fighter, Half-Elf (female)
40008 Hobgoblin
40010 Dwarven Cleric
40011 Elven Thief (female)
40012 Evil Mage
40013 Barbarian
40015 Carrion Crawler
40016 Cyclops
40017 Red Dragon
40018 Ogre
40019 Minotaur
40020 Hill Giant
40021 Ettin
40022 Fire Giant
40023 Good Mage

D&D 3.0/3.5:
40031 Mialee - Female Elven Wizard
40032 Lidda - Female Halfling Rogue
40034 Jozan - Male Human Cleric
40035 Regdar - Male Human Fighter
40039 Ember - Female Human Monk
40043 Nebin - Male Gnome Wizard
40045 Goblin x2
40051 Umber Hulk
40054 Celestial Eagle
40085 Male Human Rogue
40086 Male Dwarven Cleric
40087 Female Human Cleric
40089 Male Elf Fighter
40093 Female Human Ranger
40094 Male Human Wizard
40096 Air Elemental
40098 Water Elemental
88266 Half-Orc Assassin
88271 Halfling Monk
88301 Kobolds x2 (spear & crossbow)

Star Wars
40062 Jedi Padawan, Human Female
40063 Queen's Handmaiden, Human Female
40064 Jedi Padawan, Human Male
40067 Scoundrel, Human Male
40068 Scoundrel, Human Female
40069 Wookie Scout
40070 Cerean Noble
40075 Twi'lek Jedi, Female
40077 Fringer, Human Male
40079 Scout, Human Male
40080 Scout, Human Female
(no number) Darth Maul [promo mini, loose/in baggie]