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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Unreleased TSR Female Fighter by David C. Sutherland III

In my previous post, I was able to share pictures of an unreleased TSR Draconian, sculpted by David C. Sutherland III. This time around I have pictures of another unreleased TSR miniature, a female fighter also sculpted by Mr. Sutherland. One of these little beauties recently sold for $380 on eBay. The one shown below is not that particular mini, but it was also obtained from The Collector's Trove.

The eBay listing for the female fighter claims that only two dozen copies of this miniature were cast. I don't know where that information originated from, but it seems reasonable for a test casting. The listing also suggests it could be an elf female fighter, but I don't see any pointy ears.

Huge thanks once again to my fellow Acaeum collector Brian Beholder for providing these pictures. It is my personal belief that collectors need to catalog and share their treasures, if for no other reason than to ensure that these miniature labors of love aren't lost and their origins forgotten.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Unreleased TSR Draconian by David C. Sutherland III

In December's Lead Market Report, I noted the sale of an unreleased Draconian, sculpted for TSR by David C. Sutherland III. This particular mini sold for $305, way too rich for me but I'm sure it made the new owner very happy. Recently, a fellow collector on the Acaeum forums disclosed he too acquired a Draconian from The Collector's Trove (who auctioned off the aforementioned $305 mini).

My fellow Acaeumite (Brian Beholder) was kind enough to share some nice close-up pics of the Draconian, so I am happy to be able to share BB's pics with you folks. There wasn't much background info other than the eBay listing claims it bears a TSR 1984 hallmark, same as my unreleased Sutherland ogre. To me, it seems likely these unreleased Sutherland minis (Draconian, female fighter, and ogre) were all sculpted around the same time, and were likely test castings, possibly to try out new alloys. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, January 8, 2016

DragonTooth Christmas Dragon

I always enjoy solving a lead mystery, in particular the kind where we go from a black & white drawing found in an old catalog to digital pictures of the actual miniature, in the flesh - well, lead - and sharing it with like-minded collectors.

So I am happy to present to you pictures of DragonTooth's D81 Christmas Dragon that came in the mail yesterday. He is a pretty chunk of lead, and I'm very pleased it is in great condition, considering how ornate the sculpt is, with all the spines and detail on this fella. It's a unique pose, not the traditional rearing dragon, but a sinewy, coiled serpent, perhaps snapping at an intruder attempting to sneak up from behind. I used some Blu-Tack to hold the pieces together, except for the wings.

What I'd like to know is the story behind this particular sculpt. Why is he a Christmas Dragon? Perhaps released at or around Christmas one year? His lair is in the North Pole?

His tail is a snake! And yes, he is a MALE dragon, for sure.

Once I get him cleaned up and properly assembled, I will take some fresh pics and add them to the Lost Minis Wiki. These will have to make do until then.