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Thursday, January 24, 2013

1982 Tri-State Con Trophy

This Ral Partha Frost Giant (01-057) recently sold on eBay for $10. The listing states that it is "gold-plated" but to me it looks like it was spray-painted gold. You can see the telltale spots not covered in gold, in particular the space between the left arm and the body. Looks like a spray-on tan to me.

In any event, I amost put in a bid on this just for the coolness factor of it. I haven't been able to find any info on 1980s Tri-State Cons, but hopefully I'll dig up something sooner or later. If this is an actual trophy from an actual 1980s gaming con, then it's a neat little chunk of lead from the past that has hopefully found a place of honor in its new home.

Time to get back to painting! We have a session coming up in March that I need to prep for.

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Anonymous said...

Holy crumbs that's cool!
That frost giant was probably the first giant I ever bought, at a little hobby shop in the 'Berlin Farmer's Market' (Berlin, NJ) back in the day. I remember being totally blown away by the fact that he had irises and pupils in his only other minis experience being some Heritage dungeon dwellers and Grenadier AD&D stuff.
Repainted mine some time last year.